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"We are the choices we make." -Patrick Ness Chaos Walking...Hi I have a book/anime fetish....and a slight obsession with post apocalyptic worlds. I Photoshop all the pictures I POST, but I get the original images from Google

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but what we needed was a YA heroine like June Iparis. She literally couldn’t care less wheter she’s wearing combat boots and cargo pants or heels and a ball gown. She doesn’t care because she feels confortable in her own skin! That’s such a powerful message. She knows her skills and what she’s capable of and she goes for it. She doesn’t have the whole tomboy-insecure ass- oh! but I’m not pretty gimmick. She is telling us: Be confident. Its okay to be the boss

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Legend Inspiration part 3

More Legend Inspiration. Some of these posts are deep references that only a true Legend fan can understand. There are certain connections in these photos that will make you say,”Hey, that’s just like ………. in the book! Can you see them? Can you see how these photos tie in with the books?